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Here are just some examples of our work.

Daedalus Wallet

Frontend Development Desktop Application ReactJS MobX Electron

Daedalus is a highly-engineered cryptocurrency wallet with advanced security features that was developed by IOHK specifically for the Cardano blockchain and protects your assets with the most advanced cryptography. In the future, Daedalus will not only support ADA, but other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcon, Ethereum Classic and many more.


Frontend Development Backend Development Web Ruby on Rails ReactJS Redux

Enkeleksamen enables Norwegian students access to valuable video lessons and quizzes to further improve their grades. Enkeleksamen strives to teach in such a way that motivates students to understand the subject. It also offers live chat for all kinds of questions and valuable study materials, free of charge.


Frontend Development Backend Development Web Ruby on Rails EmberJS ReactJS

BetterDoc is Germany's market leader for medical expert referrals. BetterDoc is generating, processing and analyzing all types of quality data of a health care system. This data is used to identify the best medical expert for the patient's individual health problem. All within 48 hours.


Frontend Development Backend Development Web Ruby on Rails UI/UX Design

Immome provides a fast, easy solution for selling your real estate. It responds within 24 hours and can complete the sale within a few days. Immome uses its own cash funds, and buys the real estate without delay. There’s no faster way to sell your real estate.


Frontend Development Backend Development Web UI/UX Design ReactJS Redux

Veritheum is a OpenScience Marketplace which lets users mint manuscripts and other science collectibles into open science NFTs (osNFTS). This process makes scientific results and documents available to public and effectively creates a bridge between science and society.


Frontend Development Backend Development Web UI/UX Design ReactJS Redux

NorgesBuss is a public transportation provider which operates in Norway since 1993. NorgesBuss DJAPP takes care of logging all vehicle journey info and is also used as a communication tool between dispatchers.


Frontend Development UI/UX Design iOS Android User Testing Apache Cordova ReactJS Redux

Testivator is a mobile application that enables tester to add Testivator Web Application exploratory session notes. Built in Apache Cordova and ReactJS.


Frontend Development UI/UX Design Hybrid Application iOS Android Web Data Visualization User Testing Market Research ReactJS Redux

IPower.Me connects airlines and travelers directly by removing the need for costly advertising campaigns for airlines and having multiple loyalty accounts for the customers. Customers get rewarded for who they are and their demands while airlines benefit from real-time data-driven marketing mix.


Frontend Development Hybrid Application iOS Android Web ReactJS Redux

A simple and intuitive clinic-management software that you can access from anywhere with a goal to improve the lives of healthcare professionals, so they can do more and better what they like the best: taking care of their patients.


Frontend Development Backend Development Web Ruby on Rails UI/UX Design

Rab Elements is a special machinery manufacturing company that develops innovative solutions for automating customers’ production processes.

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